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Most and least reliable car brands In Australia

If you are looking for a new car and wanting to know the most reliable type of car to buy or cars to avoid, see our huge list below. We have scoured the internet and put together the results from our search. Average cost of repairs is for all repairs, not servicing.

Car brands ranked – least to most reliable Brand | Reliability score | Average repair cost (AUD)

Land Rover (including Range Rover) | 38% | AUD 2,100

Porsche | 40% | AUD 2,590

Jaguar | 51% | AUD 1,705

Chevrolet | 53% | AUD 1,505

Alfa Romeo | 53% | AUD 1,205

Audi | 53% | AUD 1,620

BMW | 53% | AUD 1,820

Mercedes | 56% | AUD 1,537

Mitsubishi | 58% | AUD 1,772

MINI | 60% | AUD 1,320

SEAT | 62% | AUD 1,103

VW | 62% | AUD 1,187

Citroen | 62% | AUD 969

Vauxhall | 62% | AUD 969

Volvo | 62% | AUD 1,320

Skoda | 64% | AUD 1,036

Peugeot | 64% | AUD 952

Nissan | 64% | AUD 1,237

Mazda | 67% | AUD 1,320

Renault | 67% | AUD 936

Ford | 67% | AUD 1,019

Kia | 69% | AUD 886

Suzuki | 71% | AUD 869

Fiat | 71% | AUD 852

Hyundai | 71% | AUD 952

Smart | 73% | AUD 769

Toyota | 80% | AUD 1,003

Lexus | 87% | AUD 1,837

Honda | 87% | AUD 886

29. Land Rover

  • Reliability rating 38%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 2,105

Land Rover is at the bottom of this list, which may surprise some. After all, their SUVs were designed to withstand anything that comes their way while driving off-road. It turns out that they can be quite expensive to repair. Warranty Wise data shows that the average repair cost for Land Rover cars was almost 2,105.


28. Porsche

  • Reliability rating of 40%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 2,589

Another premium brand that fails to perform well in mechanical dependability is Porsche. Its reliability rating is only 2 percentage points lower than Land Rover’s. Although Porsches are less likely to fail, Warranty Wise’s data suggests they tend to have more frequent breakdowns. However, this means that repairs will be more costly than Land Rover’s. In fact, the average repair claim for Porsche is 2,589.


27. Jaguar

  • Reliability rating 51%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,704

Although Jaguar’s reliability rating is higher than Land Rover’s, it doesn’t stop the Coventry-based automaker from being at the bottom of this list. According to Warranty Wise repair costs average at 1,704 and can be quite costly to get the car back on the road in case of an emergency.


26. Chevrolet

  • Reliability rating 53%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,503

According to Warranty Wise data, the Chevrolet Spark is among the most reliable used cars that you can purchase. However, the supermini seems to be the exception to this rule for cars bearing the Chevrolet badge. The 53% reliability rating of the Chevrolet Spark is the lowest among mainstream brands on this list. Warranty Wise also states that the cars are quite expensive to repair on average, even though they were not very expensive to purchase new.

25. Alfa Romeo

  • Reliability rating 53%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,203

According to Warranty Wise’s repair claims figures, Alfa Romeo’s reputation for reliability is not exactly stellar. Although Alfa Romeo cars are more likely to have faults than Chevrolet models according to Warranty Wise, claim data shows that Alfas are more affordable to repair when they do.


24. AudiWhite and Black Audi in Front Of Mountains

  • 53% reliability rating
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,620

German cars are often associated with reliability. Warranty Wise has found that this is not the case for Audi. Audi has a reliability rating of 53%. However, Audi tends to have higher repair costs than Alfa Romeo.


23. BMWDark Blue BMW In Car Park

  • 53% reliability rating
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,824

It seems strange that BMW is ranked higher than Audi in reliability. Despite having the same 53% rating, BMW’s repair costs according to Warranty Wise average 1,824 more expensive. Warranty Wise claims that the brands were rated so because BMWs are a bit older than Audi cars in terms of their ability to repair themselves.


22. Mercedes-Benz

  • 56% reliability rating
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,537

Mercedes-Benz is the top German premium brand, and it has the highest reliability rating. Also, its cars are more affordable to repair, Warranty Wise says. Mercedes is far from the most durable brand on this list, however, with a reliability score of 56% and a 22nd-place ranking.


21. Mitsubishi

  • 56% reliability rating
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,770

Some Japanese carmakers are known for their reliability and it may surprise you to see Mitsubishi so low on this list. Even more surprising is the fact that Mitsubishi’s average repair bill comes in at 1,770, according to Warranty Wise data.


20. Mini

  • Reliability rating of 60%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,320

Warranty Wise says Mini is a above-average brand in reliability. Mini’s overall rating stands at 60% and its average repair bill of 1,320 puts Mini just above half the mark in affordability. Mini is ranked 20th in the reliability league table, which speaks volumes about how strong other brands are.


19. SEAT

  • Reliability rating 62%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,103

SEAT is just behind Mini at the 19th spot on Warranty Wise’s reliability rankings. SEATs are less likely to fail than other brands, and they are relatively easy to fix when they do.


18. Volkswagen

  • Reliability rating 62%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,187

SEAT is one among the many brands that Volkswagen owns, so it’s not surprising to see the parent company perform very similar in reliability according to Warranty Wise. Although Volkswagen’s overall reliability score of 62% is the same, claims data suggest that VWs are a little more expensive to fix than SEATs.


17. Citroen

  • Reliability rating 62%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 969

Citroen’s 62% Warranty Wise reliability rating places it just below our mid-point. The claim data suggests that you won’t need to spend too much on repairs if your Citroen needs to be taken to the nearest garage.


16. Vauxhall

  • Reliability rating 62%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 969

When it comes to reliability, there’s not much to distinguish Vauxhall from Citroen. Warranty Wise reports that both cars have a 62% reliability rating and that their average repair cost is AUD 969. Vauxhall is the clear winner in this head-to-head due to its older cars that are more likely to fail and shorter repair times.


15. Volvo

  • Reliability rating 62%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,320

Volvo is the top-rated brand among five that have received a reliability rating of 62%. According to Warranty Wise’s warranty figures Volvo cars are less likely to break down than other brands and spend more time at the workshop. Despite having an average repair bill of AUD 1,320 Volvo cars tend to have slightly more costly faults than other cars on this list.


14. Skoda

  • Reliability rating 64%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,036

Skoda has managed to make it into the top half in this reliability ranking. Warranty Wise’s data shows that Skoda is a respectable brand when referring to mechanical durability. Skoda’s 64% rating places it among the top carmakers it competes with. The average repair costs according to warranty claim data are also not too bad.


13. Peugeot

  • Reliability rating 64%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 953

According to Warranty Wise, Peugeot is another brand that scores well in reliability. This company has a 64% overall rating. Based on data from warranty claims, Peugeot’s aren’t too expensive to restore to full functionality.


12. Nissan

  • Reliability rating 64%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 1,236

Nissan was rated the most reliable carmaker at 64% by Warranty Wise. Its average repair cost is a staggering AUD 1,236. Nissan is able to keep its spot in the top 12 because its cars are older and require less time-consuming repairs.


11. Mazda

  • Reliability rating 67%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 1,320

Mazda is just out of the top 10 in this reliability ranking. According to Warranty Wise, Mazda cars can be a little more expensive than others when they need repairs. The average Mazda vehicle repair cost is AUD 1,320. It’s worth noting that Mazda’s reliability score of 67% is only two percentage points lower than the brand that ranks eighth.


10. Renault

  • Reliability rating 67%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 936

We begin our countdown of the 10 most reliable brands according to Warranty Wise with Renault. It shares a respectable 67% reliability score with Mazda. The data shows that Renault’s repair costs are not too high either. In fact, the average warranty claim was only AUD 936.


9. Ford

  • Reliability rating 67%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 1,019

Ford is another brand that received a 67% reliability rating according to Warranty Wise. According to Warranty Wise cars with the Blue Oval badges on the boot lids were more costly to repair than Renault cars. However, Ford managed to beat Renault to eighth place because of factors like the age of the vehicle and how long it was being repaired.


8. Kia

  • Reliability rating 69%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 886

All new Kias come with an impressive seven-year/100,000-mile warranty, so it isn’t too surprising that the brand did well in Warranty Wise’s used car reliability ratings. According to the claim data, Kia cars aren’t expensive to fix when their manufacturer’s warranty expires. Warranty Wise’s average claim to repair a Kia was a respectable AUD 886.


7. Suzuki

  • Reliability rating 71%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 869

Suzuki is a close second to Kia in seventh place. It has been given a 71% reliability rating. According to Warranty Wise, Suzuki cars are relatively affordable to repair when things go wrong. The average repair bill was AUD 869.


6. Fiat

  • 71% reliability rating
  • Average repair cost: AUD 2,522

According to Warranty Wise’s warranty claims data, Fiat’s reliability record is contrary to the belief that Italian cars are more likely than others to break down. Warranty Wise figures show that Fiats don’t have to visit a garage in the unlikely event they do. In fact, only one brand has lower repair costs than Fiat.


5. Hyundai

  • Reliability rating 71%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 953

According to Warranty Wise’s claims statistics Hyundai is very close to its sister brand Kia in terms of reliability. The overall reliability score of Hyundai is just a few percentage points higher than that of Kia, and the repair costs are not too different between the two brands.


4. Smart

  • Reliability rating 73%
  • Average repair cost: AUD 769

Smart cars are not small. Warranty Wise claims that they are very affordable to fix when needed. Smart cars are reliable, with a 73% overall reliability score.


3. Toyota

  • Reliability rating of 80%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,003

This is a big jump to Toyota in third place. Toyota’s reliability rating is seven points higher than Smart’s 73% score. Although Toyota may not have the lowest average repair cost according to Warranty Wise’s warranty claim information, they are still quite acceptable at AUD 1,003.


2. Lexus

  • 87% reliability rating
  • Average repair costs: AUD 1,837

According to Warranty Wise statistics, Lexus has a reputation for reliability that is evident in its 87% reliability score. Despite the fact that Lexus cars aren’t prone to faults as often as other brands, the average repair cost was AUD 1,837.


1. Honda

  • Reliability rating 87%
  • Average repair costs: AUD 936

According to Warranty Wise: Honda, this is the top-rated car brand for reliability. The statistics show that Honda cars are better at mechanical durability than Lexus cars. They tend to spend less time in the workshop when they need to be repaired and on average, Honda cars last longer. The best part about Honda cars is their ability to be repaired quickly if they go wrong.

Most and least reliable car brands In Australia

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