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Nissan Skyline GT-R Fast and Furious

Nissan Skyline GT-R Fast and Furious sells for $2 million

It’s no secret that a car’s role in a film can affect its sale price. This is evident in the Nissan Skyline GT R which was sold for a record amount thanks to its role as a car in 2009’s fast and furious.

According to and, the car is a 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Last week, the R34 model was auctioned by Bonhams for $1.18m USD or $1.36m including fees. This price makes it the highest-confirmed sale of a Skyline GT-R. The previous record was a Nismo400R which sold for around $1.01m USD earlier this summer. However, rumors suggest that a 400R sold recently for another undisclosed figure. It’s the most expensive Nissan that’s ever been sold. It even surpasses the Italdesign’s GT-R50’s $1 million price tag.

Even before adding in auction and transfer costs, the winning bid for Walker’s Skyline surpassed the previous GT-R record by about $250,000.

The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, driven by Paul Walker for the Fast and Furious movie franchise (2009), has been sold at auction in Belgium for a record-breaking amount of $US1.357m ($A2m).

According to our calculations, this makes the Skyline GT-R the most expensive Skyline GT-R in the world. It was one of over half a dozen Skylines that were used in the making of the movie, the fourth installment. However, it is the only GT-R in the production.

Kaizo Industries built the car to Walker’s personal specifications. The car modifications included a Turbonetics intercooler mounted on the front, a NISMO exhaust system NE-1, and increased boost pressure. The rebuilt RB26DETT produced 410kW.

The car also received NISMO lowering Springs, an ARC titanium strut Brace, a custom Roll Cage, Rotora Brakes, and Volk Racing RE3019-inch wheels. Included are a NISMO version II bumper, East Bear bonnet and rear seat deletion, Momo Sport Alcantara, NISMO v-Spec pedals as well as a custom head-up screen, MFD Xenarc, Sony head unit, and OMP custom race seats with five-point system.

The car, which was imported and registered in the US through a loophole in 2008, was immediately seized by Border Force after production of the movie concluded.

Kaizo Industries imported this rare car to the US, but without an engine. It was intended to reinstall the RB26 after importation and retitle the car as a “kit car” to avoid the import restriction of 25 years. It worked until it didn’t. Customs officials seized the car, which was registered as a “Kai” in 2007, shortly after the filming of Fast and Furious ended. The car was released later and exported to Holland, despite the fact that it has never been registered within the EU. It might be eligible to import into the US under the 25-year rule, if it is retitled a Nissan or enters the country in accordance with Show and Display regulations.

The buyer gets a lot of car for their money, despite the high price. The car was fitted with a Nismo-style exhaust and a front-mounted intercooler. The Bonhams listing claims that boost levels have been increased to make the engine deliver a powerful 550 horsepower.

The car was exported in Germany the same year, and it has been kept there as a collectible ever since. It is believed that the OMP’s driver’s chair from the film is still in Walker’s driving position.

Bonhams stated in its auction listing that “the car has not been used in the last few years, but has become a popular exhibit at Munich Motorworld with fans from all over coming to see this iconic vehicle.”

In recent years, the car has been covered in a protective paint film. The GT-R runs, but we recommend servicing and recommissioning it before using it in action.

Nissan Skyline GT-R Fast and Furious
Nissan Skyline GT-R Fast and Furious
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